Psi-Fi™ is an entirely new class of sound processors called an Audio Dimensionalizer.

It’s long been recognized that recordings never sound quite as good as the original live performance. The solution to this problem has been the holy grail of artists, music producers and sound engineers since the beginning of recorded sound. Many attempts have been made to fix this but none have solved the problem.

Equalization, panning, channel mixing, power banding and even adding frequencies have been tried, either alone or in various combinations, but have always produced subjective, unpredictable, and mostly undesirable results. In every case, the spectrum of the source signal is modified into something else and the originator’s intention is lost forever.

PSI-Fi™ takes a new approach by addressing this issue at the most basic fundamental level of the sound where the only elements are the intention of the originator and the inherent resonant body of the instrument. In live sound, the integration of these two elements is natural, uninhibited, and free to interact with the environment and be reassembled by listeners in their own desired manner.

Unfortunately, the standard recording process locks these two elements together and an entire dimension of the live performance is lost. PSI-Fi™ is a key that unlocks, unleashes and frees this hidden dimension allowing the listener to assemble the sound or music in a manner of their own choosing. Suddenly, the sound becomes more alive, dynamic and clear, imparting the specific psychoacoustic effects intended by the creator.

PSI-Fi™ works for both the recording and playback sides of live performance, analog and digital recordings, and all encoded and compressed digital files. It is currently available as a stand-alone, downloadable application for Apple and Windows platforms.

How It Works

PSI-Fi™ is a new, totally new approach that actually “solves” rather than fixes this digital dilemma. Its patent-pending processor is a key that can unlock and free this hidden dimension, unleashing the true spatial characteristics of the original live performance and giving life back to digital recordings. In addition, it can solve many of the other problems that plague the digital domain. It is in two words…“Digital Solved”. Read More

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