Psiodelic™ Audio Visualizer

Korg-Setup2aA built in Psiodelic™ Audio Visualizer Display graphically displays the two dimensions of sound…

The Psiodelic Audio Visual is a Cartesian graphic rendering of the relationship between player and instrument. The time domain action of the player is plotted on the horizontal plane while the spectral radiation of the instrument and the player’s interaction with it is plotted on the vertical.

Each pixel represents a player/instrument combination whose location is determined by its player/instrument coefficients. Brightness and color are correlated to amplitude/volume by mapping low signal to Violet, medium to Green and high to Red…similar to a VU meter. The Psiodelic™ Visualizer is composed of a default image that plots the true essence of the dimensional relationships in its purest form. In addition, there are 10 other modes where these components are combined in different ways for an almost infinite variety of visual possibilities from throbbing geometries of every imaginable shape and color, ethereal cloud like streams, gentle colored waterfalls, mind-blowing psychedelic fractals and mystical spinning galaxies.

This creates a powerful psycho-visual effect that is mesmerizing, extremely pleasurable and profoundly relaxing, but PSIFIsound_Vu Meterextremely stimulating and inspiring at the same time. You can “feel” the effects in your skin as if it can see it as well. And, best of all, the displayed pixels represent the true harmonics of the current signal, resulting in further whole-brain synchrony through multi-sensory coherence.

All of the controls have been mapped to MIDI, so any MIDI surface controller can be used to control every aspect of Psi-Fi, including the Audio Visualizer, making it possible for every DJ, Audiophile and music lover to become a master VJ, capable of designing visuals to represent particular tracks and sounds. Currently, the Korg™ nanoKontrol2 is a plug and play hardware option you can just plug in and begin to use immediately. The addition of a MIDI control surface transforms PSI-Fi into a real-time video synthesizer you can play like a musical instrument.

PSIFISoundScreenshotdisplay3The Psiodelic™ Visualizer greatly enhances the visual possibilities of any light show, art display, video presentation or party scene with an audio modulated visual projection that has powerful psychoacoustic and psychovisual effects. A master can learn how to control the energy of the house or crowd with such effects, virtually becoming an NJ (neurojockey) who spins consciousness in addition to discs.

How It Works

PSI-Fi™ is a new, totally new approach that actually “solves” rather than fixes this digital dilemma. Its patent-pending processor is a key that can unlock and free this hidden dimension, unleashing the true spatial characteristics of the original live performance and giving life back to digital recordings. In addition, it can solve many of the other problems that plague the digital domain. It is in two words…“Digital Solved”. Read More

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